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Welcome to the definitive encyclopedia of breast surgery, detailing all varieties of plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. We feature in-depth information on breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast reconstruction and breast lift, as well as everything there is to know about breast implants.  We also fully explain the diversity of nonsurgical breast enhancement methods that are available. We pride ourselves on providing easy to understand guidance for all your breast health needs. 

Breast implants are covered in unsurpassed detail. Every type of breast augmentation surgery and nonsurgical enhancement therapy is included for your research needs. We spend extra effort explaining the popular procedures of breast reductionbreast lift and breast reconstruction.

Although we focus on breast surgery techniques, we also provide a comprehensive look at general plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for the face and body.  From facelift to liposuction to rhinoplasty to wrinkle reduction, we share all the latest research findings about the safety and efficacy of every conceivable aesthetic treatment option.

Our site is a leading resource for breast cancer information.  In fact, maintaining breast health, while preventing disease, is our main focus.  We invite you to explore our breast anatomy section to learn all about the various components of the human mammary organ, so that you too can appreciate the miracle of the breast and its amazing functionality. 

Our mind-body-spirit approach to breast health is unique. Breast issues might appear physical, but their emotional ramifications permeate far deeper into the mind and soul of every woman.  Therefore, we provide a truly unparalleled look at the psychology of breast surgery, as well as the reasons why women seek the anatomical changes that they desire. 

We want you to understand the objective facts concerning invasive and noninvasive plastic and cosmetic treatments.  We highlight the positive aspects of each therapy, but also provide a balanced view of the possible negative connotations of treatment.  Most importantly, we provide an honest analysis of the risks and possible complications associated with each method.

Let us make it perfectly clear that we are not trying to convince you to have surgery, nor are we trying to sell you on any product or service.  Instead, we provide the latest objective news concerning the plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery industry; focusing primarily on breast aesthetics.
We are a 100% unbiased source that does not include any form of marketing material in our editorial content.

If you are seeking information about any type of breast surgery, breast implants or breast health, or if you are just researching general plastic and cosmetic surgery offerings, we can help you by providing trusted research that has guided millions of women to make informed decisions.

This website is dedicated to its founder, Eve Anderson, RN, CSW, who worked tirelessly to improve women’s lives in the aesthetic medical and mindbody medicine arenas until her untimely passing in 2011.  
Eve was a unique educator and a wonderful human being.  
It is our honor and privilege to keep her vision alive.

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